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Best Pool Renovation Trends and Ideas

Oct 27, 2022

Pool trends and improvements evolve every year, so after some time, your pool can feel a bit dated. With new technologies and styles coming out so rapidly now, there’s always some cool new feature or addition that you can add to your pool.


Lighting is something that can often go overlooked, but it brings so much to the atmosphere and environment of a space.

In-pool LED lighting

Having lighting in your pool can create an amazing look for evening pool hangouts and just relaxing in your backyard. With the help of automation and technology, you can change the colors of your in-pool lights on the fly, completely changing the look and feel of your backyard. Impress your friends and neighbors with an up-to-date, well-lit pool environment.

Backyard lighting

Having a nice space to relax and host people nearby your pool is a huge bonus for a lot of homeowners. While lights in your pool creates a great look, it won’t suffice for hosting outdoor dinner parties in the dark. Getting string lights or outdoor flood lights installed on your home can really amplify the look and feel of your backyard.

Smart Automation

Gone are the days of manually switching lights or pool heating. Modern technology allows homeowners to control their pool or spa from their smartphones. Heat up your spa before jumping in and maintain your pool’s water balance with pool apps and technology installation.

Rock and Water Features

If you’re bored with the design of your pool, rock and water features can liven up your entire backyard. By adding some three-dimensional design elements to your pool, you create a lasting impression and a more welcoming environment.

  • Rock formations
  • Waterfalls
  • Rain arcs

In-Pool Seating

Make the most of your pool by installing in-pool seating that will allow you to fully relax while still in the water. Reach complete relaxation with one or more of these popular in-pool seating options.

Submerged lounge chairs

Lay back, sun tan, and relax while still enjoying your pool with custom in-pool lounge chairs. These built-in options won’t budge during inclement weather and won’t require constant cleaning and maintenance as normal lounge chairs do.

Bar stools and table

Create the ultimate pool party experience with an in-pool seating and table area. Create a space for guests to leave their food and drinks while they swim around, enjoying your modern pool design.

Built-in spa

While Florida doesn’t often call for a heated pool or spa, it is such a welcome addition when winter nights come around. Enjoy sitting around a permanent, in-ground spa with friends and family during the colder months.

Seating and Entertainment Space Nearby

While your pool will be the centerpiece of your backyard, all modern trends are leaning towards having an open entertainment space nearby.

Some great options to liven up your backyard are:

  • Fire pit
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Pergola and seating area

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